Panel discussion Modern Trends in Vehicle Engineering and Production in the Light of Materials, Components and Equipment 15:30 – 17:30, conference hall No.1

  • common platforms, single platform for several models, including models of different segments, component unification;
  • innovative technologies in new cars (e.g. IT);
  • new materials and treatment capabilities applied in vehicle engineering;
  • manufacturing process automation; modern approach and tools

Invited speakers:

1) Harald Gruebel, Executive Vice-President for Engineering, JSC AVTOVAZ

2) Aleksey Nezhinsky, Engineering and Development Section Head, Center of Innovative Development and Cluster Initiatives

3) Denis Usov, Deputy General Director, Anvis-Rus Ltd.

4) Sergey Zelenkov, General Director, SUPROTEC

5) Vladimir Osadchy, Technical Director of NAVIA Ltd.

6) Aleksey Tantsyura, Head of Department, NAVIA Ltd.

7) Leonid Yakovis, Doctor of Technical Science, Senior Staff Scientist, Professor of Mechanics and Management Processes Department, St-Petersburg State Polytechnic University

8) Gennady Bocharov, General Director, SAAZ Komplekt